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The 12 Minute Meditation that Made Me Cry

I woke up on Monday, MLK Day. Everyone was still sleeping so for the first time in a long time, I meditated. I needed it. I craved it. But I'm always overwhelmed with which one to use and where to start.

I took a deep breath.

My friend Trish told me about Insight Timer app, which has a TON and I mean a TON of FREE mediations. I scrolled through a few and stumbled upon Sarah Bodin's Live Awake meditations.

I've been just dealing with life lately and feeling pent up anger and frustration within a few areas of my life- career, marriage, being a mom, kinda everything.

Enter the 12 minute meditation: "Our Warring Self vs. Our Infinite Self".

Anger and warring shows us we are afraid. Shows us we are trying to protect our vulnerability and softness. Our walls are there to stop you from feeling, to distract you from hurt. But feeling your softness, returning to your nature is the only thing that will set you free. The only thing that will feed your life in the ways it is asking.

At first I wasn't sure, but I kept listening. Sarah's voice was soothing yet powerful. Then I listned to the words and related. And breathed. And listened and it hit deep. Deep within the bones. Then something unexpected happened which never does. I cried. It was therapeutic, cathartic and needed.

I'm not saying that this will and should happen with every mediation, but I want to say that I'm a fan of Sarah's for life. Check out Insight Timer, download it at the App store or visit



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